A letter from the founders

A letter from the founders.

As we enter the new year, we wanted to pen a note to our community and thank them for a whirlwind nine months. What an incredibly exciting, nerve-wracking, ‘what the hell are we doing’, loving, crazy nine months it has been - and to be completely honest, we couldn’t have done it without the support of our family, friends, customers and Instagram hype team - so thank you. We have been absolutely blown away by the love we have received. 

What many people don’t know about FADE is that we are a husband and wife duo (well, I say husband and wife but we have actually been engaged for 5+ years with no wedding in sight). But yes, we have created FADE from the ground up and have been working tirelessly to bring this baby to life while raising our own baby at the same time. A gorgeous, now 20 month old, boy who keeps us completely on our toes. 

FADE was created following life changing moments. Moments that made us pull up, re-evaluate what we want our lives to look like in order for us to create the lifestyle we want for the next chapter of our lives, and in hopes would inspire others along the way. 

In 2017, we lost our mother. I say our mother as Kurt’s mum was and is a second mother to me - after 11 years, she had played one of the most influential roles in my life. She was the most strong, determined, no fucks given, caring, loyal and loving woman we had come across. Anyone who knew her, would say the same thing. She was that person, regardless of how well she knew you, you’d turn to for advice. So when you lose someone so significant in your life, it makes you evaluate everything. 

Shortly after her death, and with the birth of our son, Van, we took the time to decide what it was that we wanted to achieve in life and our careers. We have always been entrepreneurial and creative and we knew that eventually one day we’d be running our own business. What that business would be, we had no idea.

We are firm believers in signs. That things happen for a reason. What very few people knew or know is that Kurt studied fashion design a few years back. So one day, as I was breastfeeding our newborn son, I made a joke about how I lived in activewear and that we should make garments that felt a little less ‘mumsy’ and a little more inclusive to the modern world - like when breastfeeding in public but also not feeling overexposed while you do it. That we should make a tank that had side zips that allowed you to pull from the bottom up rather than top down so you didn’t have to worry about wrapping a swaddle over you (I could never really nail that anyways). There the basis of FADE was born. 

A brand less about clothes, but more about feeling. A brand driven by creating a lifestyle you love and a way of living that is on your own terms, without the fear of judgement and failure. The brand mission - fade the weight of other peoples’ judgements and expectations - resonated with what we had and were feeling, especially myself. 

I was at a turning point in my life where in my mid 20s, I was questioning my career, my confidence, what I wanted to achieve in life. I was emotionally drained, emotionally unsure of what I was doing and before I was pregnant, I had a lot of self doubt into what was making me happy (or why I was so upset even though I had so many positive aspects to my life). When I had our son, that uncertainty and self-doubt of what I wanted to achieve in life had washed away. I was totally present and never felt better. However, there are days when it lingers back into your mind, particularly being a new mother. You can begin to question what you’re doing, because everything is so new. However you’re never alone, and when speaking with a bunch of women, we all find ourselves in the same circumstances - whether it is our career, motherhood or relationships. 

For women, I believe your late 20s/early 30s are some of the most pivotal years in your life. It’s when we start to feel comfortable with who you are, more confident in the type of woman you want to be, more conscious of the energy you want to align with and the people you want to surround yourself with. Therefore, we want to create a brand that helps inspire those when they’re feeling lost or unsure, or transitioning into a new chapter of their lives. 

FADE is about fading the weight of other peoples’ judgements and expectations and just owning who you are. For me, it was creating a persona of myself that was strong, confident, caring, loving, but at the same time, not being afraid to be emotional and vulnerable. The latter of which is often associated with weakness, but for us, shows strength and character. All the characteristics I knew Nell would have passed on to me when I transitioned into this life of motherhood, 30s and finding who you are. 

2020 has been an extremely challenging year for all. A year with many ups and downs, uncertainties and unknowns. As we enter 2021, we hope you’re able to take at least one positive into the new year and have been able to spend some time with loved ones, family and friends. Here’s to a new year with less judgement, less expectations and more self-love. From our small little team, we want to say thank you. 


Kallie and Kurt x