FOR YOU. Frequently Asked Questions

As we get ready to kick off our first round of FOR YOU. - our self development course designed to build self-confidence, shift mindset and dedicate time for yourself, for you - I wanted to share some frequently asked questions to help answer any and all of the questions you have had. 

Why is it 50 days? 

I personally find 50 days a good amount of time to challenge yourself and hold yourself accountable. While you’ll see major shifts occur after 14 and 30 days, 50 days gives you the added push to really lock in a new routine, change mindset and see overall physical, mental and spiritual growth. It’s about committing to yourself and it also aligns nicely with the weekly modules created to get the most out of the course. 

Do we have to do the 50 days?

You are going to get the most out of it if you commit to the 50 days alongside doing the modules. I found when I personally committed to the 50 days and doing the workbooks alongside it, I saw the most growth. The physical commitment of the 50 days alongside the mental commitment brings you so much clarity and awareness. 

Will the content disappear after 50 days? 

No, you will have access to all the content forever. You’ll have access to this round’s content and all future content so you can do it again and continue to learn, grow and develop with future rounds. 

I want this to feel easy and a course you know you can commit too and come back to if you need. I am realistic. I get that things pop up in life so everything will be recorded and saved so you have access to all the discussions and chats.

How is it different from other courses out there? 

There are so many courses out there that are equally incredible but I haven’t seen one that mixes the component of a weekly or daily commitment alongside weekly workshops. I developed this off the back of my personal growth journey and included all the elements that helped me shift my mindset, build self-confidence and reignite my motivation. I have also included women that have inspired and motivated me through their own journeys so you’re getting additional knowledge, techniques and guidance as you create your own. 

How did you create this course?

Based on my own self-growth journey and the things I love to practise and have helped me evolve and find my passion. I love doing self-development courses, listening to personal growth and mentorship audiobooks and learning. I love goal and intention setting - I think writing goals down and revisiting them is super powerful. When I recently hosted a goal and intentions setting workshop on the Gold Coast, it reignited my love for it and the passion I feel in helping others. I really love mentorship - I feel like it comes so naturally to me. I could spend hours workshopping up goals and growth plans for others.

I also like stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new challenges and experiences. I recently did 30 days without makeup to learn more about skin care (an area I wasn’t familiar with until recently) and improve my self confidence. I also recently completed @GiveMe60Days which is more of a fitness/physical challenge and I just like knowing I can commit to things mentally, get it done and I am growing/learning at the same time. 

I wanted to merge all these things together as I believe they’re all important to your self-growth journey and compliment each other. 

Will it be relevant to my life events? 

Yes! I have made it so all the information is relatable as possible regardless of your life stage. All the weekly workshops are designed for your own personal experience and your answers and work will be relevant to you and only you - everyone’s goals and desires are so different. 

I purposefully partnered with women who can share insights and techniques that would be relevant to a wide audience of women - they’ve all navigated their 20s, shifted careers, had major life changes and transitions and are in their early, mid and late 30s. I have asked questions to make sure everyone walks away with something actionable and relevant to them. This course is raw, relatable, inspiring and motivating. 

 What do we need to get before the 50 days? 

You will need a journal before you start 50 days. I’d recommend purchasing one specifically for this and it be just a lined notebook. You don’t need a journal with prompts as you can make these up yourself.  Simple is better. 

Optional things that have helped me:

  • 1L water bottle- so much easier to track your water intake. 
  • Candle - sets the tone for journaling, especially in the early mornings when you don’t want a bright light on
  • Earphones - if you want to listen to the course videos and interviews while getting your steps up
  • Watch - to track your steps. If you don’t have one, make sure your phone is always on you to track steps.  

How did you come up with the cost?

The cost felt right to me. To me, the price feels like the right amount for someone to invest in themselves and hold themselves accountable. We didn’t want to make it cheap enough that you’re not valuing the content and in return don’t commit to doing it all, but also didn’t want to make it too expensive. The content is yours forever and you’ll have access to future rounds. 555 is also the angel number for change is coming, which I love! You’re about to step into a new version of you. 

Will you do more rounds in the future?

Yes. I will hold another round in early 2023. If you’ve signed up to the first round, you’ll automatically be invited to the next round. We will continue to evolve the course, add new speakers and bonus content. 

Do you have payment plans available? 

Yes. We have afterpay and zip available at checkout. 

Is this just career focused? 

No, but naturally careers are such a big part of who we are and what fulfils us, so we will definitely be focusing on what it is you’re doing, what you love, what you want more of and how you can step into the best role or transition careers. This is a mindset commitment and about prioritising yourself looking at physical health and mental health. It’s all about getting clear on YOUR goals and what YOU desire, whether it be in your personal life, relationships, work, mindset, etc. Your goals are yours. It will provide you with clarity and motivation to go after what YOU want to achieve. 

October intake closes on Tuesday 11th October. To sign up, click here. To join our FOR YOU. waitlist for future rounds, click here.