If you’re anything like us, December and January merged into one blurry celebration season. Now you’re a whole month into 2022, routine is out the door and you feel like you need a reset to get your year started off on the right foot.
There's nothing like a challenge to reset and get you feeling fresh and motivated to take on the year. Everyone has their own personal tips and tricks, and so do we - so adopt some (or all) of ours to feel ready to tackle the year and join us on our 28 Day February Reset.
28 Days of Makeup Free
When it comes to skin health, the majority of it comes from within - what we consume, hormones, stress etc. However, the outside definitely deserves a break from our heavy foundations and concealers. While some of us rely on makeup to cover imperfections and give us confidence - which can be wonderful - it’s important you feel just as beautiful and confident without it.
This month we are going makeup free, and really getting our skincare routine down pat! By the end of Feb our skin is going to be glowing and hopefully have a complete new appreciation for both makeup and skincare. Three tips for tackling 28 Days of Make Up Free:
  1. Invest in quality serum, a good everyday moisturiser and night cream. Your skin will love you for it and you can choose products that are going to suit your skin type (i.e. hyaluronic acid for dry skin). 
  2. Drink a minimum of 3L of water a day to flush the toxins in your body and keep your skin hydrated
  3. A good eyebrow wax and tint can do wonders in brightening up your face. 
28 Days of Sunrise
Use the next 28 days as your way to get up and move in the morning. Grab your coffee and soak up the benefits of watching the sunrise. Whether it’s a relaxing meditation session down the beach, a walk in the park with your dog or simply catching up with a loved one, there are so many benefits of waking up early and catching a sunrise. Our favourites are:
  1. Increases gratitude and productivity. Giving you more time in the day to get sh** done
  2. Provides you with a recommended daily dose of Vitamin D. 
  3. Gives you a sense of accomplishment by start your day before the rest of the world.
28 Days of Moving Your Body
Whether it is just a quick walk to get the body moving or an intense workout class, the mental and physical benefits are incredible and 28 days is a great amount of time to create a daily habit that carries on for the rest of the year. Three ways to challenge yourself to move everyday includes:
  1. Start an online challenge. GiveMe60Days is an online challenge we are loving at the moment and is currently bracing social media right now. For 60 days, you keep yourself accountable by committing to two 30mins workouts a day, consuming 3L waters a day, clocking up 12k steps per day and cooking at least one home cooked meal per day. Why not test it out for 28 days and if you like it, carry it through to March. 
  2. Commit to hitting a daily number of steps. Whether it’s 10,000, 12,000 or 15,000 steps a day, you’ll notice how much of a challenge it is to move our bodies consistently, everyday, for a month. 
  3. Pre-book your workouts on a Sunday night, ready for the month ahead. MINDBODY and Class Pass are great apps for finding different workouts in your local area. 
Maybe even treat yourself to a new set of activewear or shoes to help motivate you to move your body. 
28 Days of No Sugar and Alcohol 
Last but not least, our final challenges* of the month is to cut out alcohol and reduce your processed sugar intake. You’ll be surprised at how many foods have hidden sugars in them. Three ways to help you create better food habits include:
  1. 28 Days of New Recipes. Dig up a recipe book and find a meal you wouldn’t normally choose to make. Alternatively, you could even try out Hello Fresh or Marley Spoon. You might just find a new found love for cooking and discover some new healthy staple meals.
  2. Read the ingredients label. Did you know food manufacturers have to list ingredients from most to least. By checking the ingredients labels, you can see what products have the healthiest ingredients as opposed to just sugar. 
  3. Remove alcohol for the month. Alcohol is a toxin, so it goes without saying to cut it out if we want to feel our best. We know that it can be tough not having that glass of wine or cold beer after a long hard day of work, so we have listed a few of our favourite non alcoholic beverages below so you won’t be missing out.
  1. Monday Distillery Non-Alc Spirit Mocktails have the tastiest Gin and Tonics that taste like the real deal. Their flavours also include Aperitz Spritz, Dram Sour and Paloma to name a few. 
  2. Heaps Normal - if you’re after a non-alc lager that tastes like a real beer, we say no more. The team has nailed it here. 
  3. Azteca Margarita hands down is the perfect mixer to make margarita mocktails. Venues usually shy away from making alcohol-free margaritas due to the main ingredients being tequila and triple sec. Azteca have nailed all three flavours (although grapefruit is our favourite). No need for triple sec, just replace tequila with water and you have a preservative-free mocky! 
We hope you have found inspiration in these challenges and we can’t wait to see what you pick as your February Reset Challenge. Share with us on Instagram (@fade_women) and let's keep each other accountable. 
Love, FADE x