Pilates Quickie - Ass and Abs

Curated by Holly Gibellini Davis from Virtual MVMT this simple but oh so spicy pilates workout is quickie sized for you to fit into even the busiest day and will have you burning in all the right spots. Expect to strengthen and through your core and glutes while lengthening through your body with a strong posture focus throughout. While you're in the burn zone be guided and educated about your alignment and connections to keep you safe and get the most out of every movement. Working smart and working hard, the difference is in the details.
Sculpting tools: Just you and your mat with an optional loop band if you have one.
Playlist (90s R&B bangers to spice up your workout): https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7KNQTYUwNOgOsLrhpC8czg?si=Iyyp549ITnKv7VtkQLmwqA